Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am deadly

The male human, in an attempt to keep me quiet, has given me some nip. He put it on my big, red mousie. I love nip. My big, red mousie became lots of fun to play with. Usually he just sits on the floor looking indifferent, but nip makes him fun and exciting. I decided to fight him. I may be bigger, but the big, red mousie has some good moves. I started with a left hook followed by a body slam and tried to pin him, but the big, red mousie was ready for me. The big, red mousie got me in a headlock and nearly had me pinned. The male human began to count to ten, but I wasn't down and out just yet...

I got the mousie with an uppercut and followed with a bunny kick. My
bunny kick is dangerous. Sometimes, when the male human is fussing me, I grab his arm with my teeth and front paws, then bunny kick him with my bunnies. Sometimes I make the male human's arm bleed. The big, red mousie, although he's smaller, is a much dirtier fighter than the male human. He bit my arm, so I bit his belly. We were wrestling now. The male human was happy I was fighting the big, red mousie and giving his arm a break. I'll have to get him later, when he least suspects it.

I decided it was time to put him out of his misery, so I decided to use my Judo skills. A quick side kick to the big, red mousie's tail, and he was going down. All that was left to do was to hold him down for the count and that was it. Game over. The big, red mousie was a fearsome opponent, but no match for my superior Pooka fighting skills. The female human will be so proud of me. I can't wait to tell her about my fight with the big, red mousie.
I'm sleepy and hungry now...

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