Sunday, December 25, 2011

I am festive

Merry Christmas, humans. I am having my first Christmas in England. I got some presents. I got nip toys and rolly balls. I am a spoilt pooka. And I got special Christmas food too! I had smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and bickies for breakfast. Then for lunch, I had turkey skin and bickies. I loved the turkey skin. The female human says I may also have one finger lick of port later tonight. I like port. It's like super red wine.
I met a lot of new humans today. I met grandma humans, aunt and cousin humans... Too many humans. I was overwhelmed with humans, so I stayed upstairs and flumped out on the bed.
Merry Christmas and a Furry New Year.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I am alive

I am alive! My mama still loves me! I have a warm bed and noms! I have been on an adventure, the biggest adventure any pooka has ever been on.
On Saturday morning at 7am, my lovely mama handed me to a kind Japanese man who took me away in his truck. I thought she didn't love me any more and I had to go live with this Japanese man instead. I was a very sad pooka. Then the nice Japanese man took me to the airport and gave me to some other people. They put stickers on my cage and called me "Premium Cargo". That was more like it! It was very noisy. They took me to the airplane and loaded me into the back where it was warm and dark and quiet. I was very scared, so I hid under my blanket and didn't even bother to growl at the airport humans. Eventually the plane took off, but I couldn't see anything because there were no window seats in my section. I went to sleep...
When I woke up, some other humans were taking me off the airplane. They were speaking a funny language, but it sounded kinda similar to the male and female humans. I was taken to another place and put in a room all by myself. I wanted to stretch my legs, but these humans said I was the grumpiest looking pooka they had ever seen and they didn't want to let me out because I was too scary. They were smart humans. Finally my lovely mama arrived! She hadn't given me away! She took me home in a nice car with some other humans. She even offered me some roast chicken but I wasn't hungry. Now I am an English pooka. This is my new favourite spot.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am ready

I'm going to Engerland. First I have to go to Narita tomorrow and have a check-up. Then, on Saturday, I will go to Engerland. I have to go on the plane two times. I am not a happy pooka. But the female human has made me a super comfy compartment to travel in. She put a soft pillow in the bottom and a cozy blanket pocket on top. I can go in the pocket if I get cold. It has crunchy foil inside and there's even a little nip pouch where I can stash my nip. I like my travel case.
But the female human says I have to leave my nice warm apartment to go to Engerland! And before that, I have to go to the vet to have vaccinations for ticks and tapeworms!! As if I would have any of those kinds of things. How rude!

Friday, December 9, 2011

I am slim

That mean female human has had me on starvation rations. Only 40g of food a day! Only flakies as my treats! She relented a little and allowed me some chicken'n'cheese noms from my grandma. But it's not enough! Where is my kind, soft male human? He was a pushover. I liked him. He gave me lots of nommy treats.
On the red bed is my before shot. It was in July. I was 11.8kgs! I'm sure the female human rigged the scales. I wasn't that big.... I am handsome and cuddly. Now I am a slim 10.25kgs. I have lost over 1.5kgs. The mean female human's diet seems to have worked. I am a slim, sexy pooka now. I am The Biggest Loser!