Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am speedy

I often get hungry in the evenings, around supper time. I usually go and see the male human (he is more generous with the flakies) and tell him that it's time for my supper. Sometimes the female human hears me telling the male human and she comes to see what's going on. She thinks we're silly boys. The male human likes racing. When I ask him for flakies and the female human is watching, we run down the hall to the kitchen, where the flakies live. We have a race. The male human usually leads the race, but I catch up with him easily to win a flakie prize. The female human thinks it's good for my diet. She says I'm getting some exercise. But the humans laugh at my running. They say I run like a bunny rabbit, not like a pussum. The humans are so rude to me. They don't respect my furriness.

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