Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am clean

Sometimes I am a good pussum. My humans said I am very clean. They think I keep my fur and my paws and teeth very clean. I am always slurping my fur and paws. I slurp my paws a bit too much. It makes me think about my mom. Then I go crazy and bite the human holding me at the time, usually the female human. She doesn't mind. She's used to it. I have trained this human very well. She also gives my fur a nice brush every week on the balcony. I love having my fur brushed. It reminds me of when my mom used to clean me as a kitten. The humans think I might have some momma issues.
To keep my teeth clean, I often scrape them on the female human's computer or on the male human's books. It scrapes off all the biscuit crumbs and flakie bits. My teeth feel really good after I scrape them. The humans never seem too happy, though. You'd think they'd appreciate a clean and sparkly pussum, such as myself.

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