Saturday, May 28, 2011

I am fanged

I have big, sharp, pointy teeth. The humans think my teeth are very long and scary. I like to put my teeth in the male human's arms and nom him. The best bit is the boney, knuckle bit at his wrist. I really like to nom that bit.
I don't bite the female human. She's not as fun to nom and she kinda tastes a little like green tea and apples. The male human tastes like beer and ham and cheese and Marmite.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am playful

As you know, I like to sleep on the humans' bed. I can keep an eye on them. Usually the female human gets up before the male human (she goes to a not-very-nice place called 'running'), so I make sure the male human gets out of bed. He's not allowed to lie in. I merkle at him and bite him until he gets up.
But sometimes, at the weekend, the male human gets up first and the female human stays in bed. I love it when the female human stays in bed. We play a silly game. She is the princess and I am the big, brave, guard tiger. I let her sleep in peace and protect her from the bad pirates and villains (the male human). If the pirate comes in and tries to wake up the princess, I bite him and scare him off. I am a silly, playful pooka sometimes.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am crammed

I like small spaces. I am a big pooka, but I like to squeeze myself into comfy, compact crannies. On the sofa, I like to wedge myself down the back. When the male human plays football on the Wii, I like to climb into the cardboard box in the cupboard.
But my favourite place to cram myself is between the humans when they go to sleep. The male human is very warm and keeps me toasty at night. The female human sleeps in a funny shape, so I can wedge myself behind her knees. These humans are very useful at times.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am friendly

You might think from my blog that I only have two humans in my life; the male human and the female human. But actually I have another friend. She is the other female human. When the humans (the main humans) go on holiday, the other human takes care of me. She spoils me and lets me roll around on the furniture. I like the other human. It's much better having her here than going into the kitty hotel. I don't like the kitty hotel. They don't recognise my superior feline status.
(Photo courtesy of the other female human.)