Monday, September 6, 2010

I am chipped (and violent)

My humans took me on a special trip today. They took me to the Vee Eee Tee. They tricked me. It turned out the Vee Eee Tee is actually the Vet! I was not happy. They put me in my soft carry case. I tried to tell them it wasn't necessary, but they insisted. I told them in the hallway, and the elevator, and the building lobby, and in the car all the way to the Vet. But they didn't listen to me.When I got there, it smelled pretty. I was distracted by the nice smells. Then I remembered where I was. The Vet human seemed nice. He weighed me on a special table and said I was fat. How rude! He gave my humans special new food. It smells quite nice.
The male human held onto me to stop me running away. While he was holding me, the Vet human stuck two needles in me, one in my neck and one in my hip. I was not happy. After this, the Vet human wanted to take my blood. I was not a happy pussum. I wanted to go home. So, I pounced the Vet human and bit and scratched him. I made a big scratch on his arm and lots of bite marks. Then I growled at everyone, even the female human (she brought me here, traitor!). The male human put me back in the case. The Vet didn't take my blood. I'm so fiercesome. I'm a tiger.
The Vet human gave my humans a microchip and a rabies certificate. I am certified. Then they took me home. When I got home, they gave me tuna and cuddles. I suppose I'll forgive them some time soon...


  1. The last vet I took him to also had trouble getting blood drawn, and he was even timid and holding still at that time. It's hard to find a vein on him.

  2. He's doing well. He seems to like the new biscuits (Obesity blend - poor boy) so hopefully they'll shift a couple of pounds.
    The poor vet... the scratch was bleeding.