Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am tucked in

It is very, very cold now. I don't like it. At night, the humans get under this amazing blankie they call 'the duvet'. The duvet is very thick and very squishy. Actually, they have two. And a blanket.
Sometimes I get very cold, so I moo at the female human until she lets me under the duvets. I like to go in the middle, so I can get the warms from the humans and the duvets. Sometimes I stretch my legs out and push the humans out to the edges. They don't like that. The female human rolls me over so she can get back in.


  1. You look very cozy in the duvet Kuma. I hope you are keeping snuggled in the cold weather.

    By the way, my Tabitha cat is very grateful to you. I got the nip-fishy idea from you and got her one for Christmas. She loves it. She carries it around with her, and snurges it and rolls around with it. She thinks Kuma has very good taste in toys.

  2. I am pleased. All good kitties deserve nip fishes. In fact, even bad kitties deserve nip fishes. So, this Tabitha you talk of, is she purdy? =^.^=

  3. Yes, but she's getting on a bit. Do you like the older lady? :D Heh. She also had a nip banana. It sent her crazy. So crazy she has left it alone since! The fishy seems to be just right though. She is Goldinips.