Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am perturbed

Happy New Year!
It is a new year. In Japan it is the year of the Rabbit. There is no year of the Pooka. This displeases me greatly. Do these foolish Eastern astrologers not realise that the Cat did not compete in their foolish race because it had better, more important things to do? And then to pretend that the Cat didn't compete due to some trickery by a mouse...?! As if we felines could be tricked by a lowly rodent.
It does not matter. Every year is the year of the Cat in this household. These humans worship me. They even sacrifice appendages for me.


  1. There may be no year of the Pooka but there was a forum award for you as Pet Of The Year! I was hoping for your speech to be blogged!

    Nice bitey picture Kuma xxx

  2. Hi Kuma!
    I'm Milo. It's so nice to meet you!
    The astrologers have no idea....

  3. Every year is the year of the Pooka. And may there be much pookering!