Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am roasted

I live in Hokkaido. In winter, Hokkaido is very cold. There is lots of snow. This displeases me. I don't like cold things. Snow is very cold. To keep me nice and toasty, the humans use a Kotatsu. I like the tatsu. I sit under it with the female human and we get nice and warm. Sometimes we fall asleep under the tatsu. The male human tells us off.
The humans also have a plug-in radiator. I like the radiator a lot. When the female human goes out, I can sit next to the radiator to stay toasty (I don't like going under the tatsu when she's not here, it's dark and scary).
Sometimes the male human sits in my seat and I have to move him along. He should know his place by now.
At night time, I climb into bed with the humans. The male human is especially warm. They tried to keep me out, but I just meowed until they let me in again. Humans are easy, if you know how to manage them. There's a rumour the female human is going away at Christmas. That means I'll have a whole side of the bed all to myself.

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