Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am airbourne

I found a new game.
My flat is very damp. There's lots of nommy water on the windows. The male human opens his window to let the water out. If I jump on his desk, I can reach the window and jump onto the balcony. But the window is too high and I can't jump back in. I meowed at the male human, but he couldn't reach me either.
Luckily, I remembered the doors to the living room. I ran around the balcony and meowed at the male human to let me in. He is well trained and came to get me immediately. I like to control the male human. He gets cross, but that makes it even more fun. I jumped out of the window three more times. The male human realised I was playing with him and shut the window. Sometimes he has no sense of humour.

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