Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am loved

My human is back!
My human is back!
We hugged.
We cuddled.
I bit him.
He fed me.
I ate flakies.
We fought.
I bit him again.
He gave me more flakies.
We cuddled some more.


  1. Dear Kuma, I am in awe of your shape (a circle is a shape, right?) Can you let us into the secrets of your nutrition and fitness regime? Perhaps there is a blog post there waiting to happen?

    I used to have a cat (may he RIP) and he was quite round but really nothing like the shape you have achieved. I know he worked hard on his figure so I commend you on what is obviously a lifetime of dedication.

  2. Dear TFW,

    My noms mostly consist of Dr Hill's Science Diet Light biscuits and katsuo fish flakies (my favouritist noms ever!).
    But sometimes the male human is naughty and gives me cheese and Marmites. I am quite partial to the odd piece of rice cracker as well. bThe female human always tells him off. She is mean aout my noms.

  3. Dear Kuma,

    Thank you for getting back to me. Again, I commend you: fish and "diet light" food should make for an emaciated frame but you bypass the laws of food science to achieve a fine, full figure! Congrats! ;)