Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am fed up

I am not impressed. At all. This morning I was a little bit sick (only five times and in the kitchen, not on the rug) because I scoffed my two breakfasts too quickly. The female human said I could only have a little bit more and only at long intervals because she didn't want me to make myself sick again by scoffing it down. She is so mean.
Last week I helped put the sofa from Ikea together. The picture is me helping. I held down the sofa while the female human tried to put the covers on. She said I was getting in the way. She's not very appreciative of all the help I give her.


  1. Kuma, she is a MEAN mummy. Start the pusscat revolution and show her who is boss.

    1. She is a VERY mean human. Unfortunately, due to my agoraphobia, I'm stuck with her....