Friday, December 9, 2011

I am slim

That mean female human has had me on starvation rations. Only 40g of food a day! Only flakies as my treats! She relented a little and allowed me some chicken'n'cheese noms from my grandma. But it's not enough! Where is my kind, soft male human? He was a pushover. I liked him. He gave me lots of nommy treats.
On the red bed is my before shot. It was in July. I was 11.8kgs! I'm sure the female human rigged the scales. I wasn't that big.... I am handsome and cuddly. Now I am a slim 10.25kgs. I have lost over 1.5kgs. The mean female human's diet seems to have worked. I am a slim, sexy pooka now. I am The Biggest Loser!

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