Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am ready

I'm going to Engerland. First I have to go to Narita tomorrow and have a check-up. Then, on Saturday, I will go to Engerland. I have to go on the plane two times. I am not a happy pooka. But the female human has made me a super comfy compartment to travel in. She put a soft pillow in the bottom and a cozy blanket pocket on top. I can go in the pocket if I get cold. It has crunchy foil inside and there's even a little nip pouch where I can stash my nip. I like my travel case.
But the female human says I have to leave my nice warm apartment to go to Engerland! And before that, I have to go to the vet to have vaccinations for ticks and tapeworms!! As if I would have any of those kinds of things. How rude!


  1. Yay! You will love England Kuma :)

  2. Oh, Kuma - bless you! Your face clearly says, "Whaaaat? I have to get in that?" - Hope the flight goes well though xxx

  3. Have a good journey my brave & lovely Pook... Male human x

  4. Oh Pooka! You will be fine you cuddley catkins! And Engerland is nice;, your twin brother from another mother, Tiggy lives here!

    Safe journey <3