Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am playful

As you know, I like to sleep on the humans' bed. I can keep an eye on them. Usually the female human gets up before the male human (she goes to a not-very-nice place called 'running'), so I make sure the male human gets out of bed. He's not allowed to lie in. I merkle at him and bite him until he gets up.
But sometimes, at the weekend, the male human gets up first and the female human stays in bed. I love it when the female human stays in bed. We play a silly game. She is the princess and I am the big, brave, guard tiger. I let her sleep in peace and protect her from the bad pirates and villains (the male human). If the pirate comes in and tries to wake up the princess, I bite him and scare him off. I am a silly, playful pooka sometimes.

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