Monday, December 6, 2010

I am nipped

The male human has been doing lots of work recently. I don't like it when he does lots of work. It usually means I get less attention. I try to get the male human's attention by jumping on his chair, his table, his computer, his lap... I knock over his tea, bite his hand, scratch his chair... My techniques work for a little while, but then he goes back to his work and I have to start again.
But the male human has a secret weapon - catnip. I love nip. It makes me all happy and cuddly. The male human puts nip on my big fishy. It makes me crazy. I have to have the nip! I roll around with my fishy and nom it until I get all the nip out. Once I've had enough nip, I get all sleepy and cuddly. I like to have a little nap with my nip fishy. It makes me and the male human happy.


  1. Kuma, I think you should get the nip AND all the attention. Have you tried meowing constantly? I know another of your kind who does that. It's a fairly successful technique.

  2. I think so too, but these humans are yet to learn their rightful place. They're still training... =^.^=