Friday, December 3, 2010

I am cheesed off

The male human made the female human cross. So now she's sulking at him. In an attempt to get her to speak to him again, the male human has been sending her 'amusing' photos of my furry self.
I am not amused. I don't see why I have to be dragged into their little tiffs. I'm the Pooka. It's nothing to do with me. I'm going to sit on the male human's computer keyboard to teach him a lesson. No one makes a mockery of Lord Puss-ma-tats...


  1. Kuma, I can tell you're not to be trifled with. Thanks for the comment to my post. Will remember to make cheesecake next time. :)

  2. Kuma, my kittens are all like 'Wow!' and 'Awesome!' and want blogs of their own when they grow up ;)

  3. Kuma, I shall have to pass you on to my sister's cats, Spöket and Tuffen. It must be done.