Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am topical.

Not like skin cream. I am up to date with current affairs and world news. There are lots of bad bankers being paid lots of money for doing not much or doing things wrong. If I were a banker I would stockpile flakies and tuna. There's always a demand for them, in this house at least.
The female human has a good chair. It's her computer chair. I like the computer chair because it's tall and squishy. I can jump onto the desk from this chair. It's especially good after the female human has been sitting in it because it's all warm and cosy. I wait until she goes to the bathroom or to get wine and then I steal her chair. She says I'm a naughty tiger.
The female human hasn't weighed me for a while. Maybe she's forgotten about my diet... She said next time she's going to put a photo update of my slimness. I don't know why she bothers. I've always been a handsome pooka.


  1. He looks very grumy in the bottom photo... did he think he was being evicted from the warm seat?

  2. Loooove these pics! Clever Pooka. How much has he lost now?

    1. I am now a very slim, trim 8.98kgs =^.^=