Monday, February 7, 2011

I am bad

Yesterday, I got in big trouble. I was a very naughty pooka. I yowled at the male human all day. The female human was at work, but when she came back for lunch, I yowled at her and dug my claws in her thigh.
She tried to give me a sofa cuddle later, but I was very naughty and gave her a bunny kick. Only, I missed and kicked the dinner plates off the radiator and onto the floor. One broke and made a very loud noise, so I jumped off the female human and scratched her shoulder in the process.
Then the humans ate their dinner and ignored me, so I dug my claws into the male human's thigh because he wouldn't get my stool for me. I like to sit with the humans while they eat dinner.
The humans were very cross at me.

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